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How to Choose Jewelry Armoire for Your Home

Filed under Furniture at Jul 6th 2015

How to Choose Jewelry Armoire for Your Home

Jewelry armoire is the solution for those of you who have a lot of jewelry, but a loss to save it. Many women have a lot of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories, so they should have a safe place to store their jewelry. The many types of jewelry armoire are available, [...]

How to Choose the Dining Table for Your Dining Room

Filed under Dining Room at May 9th 2015

How to Choose the Dining Table for Your Dining Room

When you want to create a wonderful dining room, you do have to know how to choose the dining tables. The dining table is one of the most important furniture for the dining room, although you also still need a chair as a partner to the table. In addition to furniture, you should also pay [...]

White Bathroom Cabinet Design Elegant Furniture Ideas

Filed under Furniture at Mar 26th 2015

White Bathroom Cabinet Design Elegant Furniture Ideas

White bathroom cabinet can be placed in your home, which will provide storage space for the bathroom. Some people need a storage space that can be used to store toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, towels, as well as others. There are several solutions that can be used, such as bathroom vanity, and also bathroom cabinet. [...]

Arch-Shaped Structure Steel Tubing Design Ideas Garden Shower

This is a cool outdoor shower ideas, made of hot-galvanised steel tubing with the arch-shaped structure. With the 3 shower heads, gives an extremely soft sensation, touching the skin like refreshing foam. The shower can be installed in the sun or in the shade, the water is kept at a constant temperature, with the water [...]

Glamorous Dining Room Furniture Set Design With Glass Top Table

This glamorous dining room furniture set is collection from AltaModa, made from solid wood, with rounded lines, soft fur upholsteries and great number of crystals. This luxury furniture is consists of round table with glass top, high chair, and equiped with round cupboard with glass facade, with unique design, complement a stunning dining room decorating.

Luxury And Elegant Decorative Lighting For Contemporary Home Interior Design

This is a luxury lamp design from MM Lampadari, with the form of a gorgeous gold ball which resting on the gently undulating base, perfect for your interior lighting. The decorative lighting that will provide dappled light to the surface in calm surroundings, this will make the effects of this table lamp more beautiful. Suitable [...]

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