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Decorative Area Rugs for Home Interior

Filed under Interior design at Jun 11th 2014

Decorative Area Rugs for Home Interior

Carpet is not a thing that you must have, but if you want to make the home interior decoration become more beautiful, then you can add a rug to your home. Some of the rooms in your home you can add carpet, such as living room, family room, dining room, and bedroom. Carpet will provide [...]

Teak Chaise Lounge Ideas for Cozy Seating Areas

Filed under Furniture,Outdoor Furniture at May 26th 2014

Teak Chaise Lounge Ideas for Cozy Seating Areas

Chaise lounge furniture is one type of seat that is widely used by many people, both outdoors and indoors. Chaise lounges will provide seating for your comfort, making it ideal for a variety of activities at home, such as watching movies, reading books or magazines, or relax by the pool, and there is still much [...]

Bathroom Vanity Lights Ideas for Wonderful Bathroom Design

Filed under Bathroom,Lighting at May 14th 2014

Bathroom Vanity Lights Ideas for Wonderful Bathroom Design

Bathroom vanity lights are often not you care about, but this is one thing that is very important if you want to create a beautiful bathroom. Bathroom lighting is very important to provide light during sunlight is not available, so the addition will add to the beauty of the bathroom decor, will also provide good [...]

Japanese House Design in Kamakura

Japanese House Design in Kamakura This Japanese house is built directly on an uneven plot of land, and the design aims to overcome the expected structural issues. This house designed by Japanese architects Suppose Design Office, located in Kamakura, Japan.

Modern Sofa Design Living Room Furniture With Modular Seating System

This modern sofa designed by Ron Arad, created with many modules and all different. This is a living room furniture with a modular seating system, solids and empty spaces, fluid and flexuous lines, sinuous curves that hint at undulating movements and provide the maximum comfort. This suitable for modern home decorating, with free-standing and in [...]

Apartment Reform Design Interior Decorating Ideas

Apartment reform design interior decorating ideas is to achieve an open, transparent and white space, where coexist in the same environment, the kitchen, the dining and the livingroom, designed by Blanca Elorduy for Dom Arquitectura. All of them are involved in the terrace and the sea. The terrace also with white furniture is a plants [...]

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