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Bathroom Sink Types for Your Home Design

Filed under Bathroom at Sep 28th 2015

Bathroom Sink Types for Your Home Design

The beauty of the bathroom decor is indeed very important, and it will affect your comfort while bathing. Lots of things to do to make a bathroom in your home become more beautiful and comfortable, such as by choosing the right furniture, determine the right design, and many others. One of the things that should [...]

How to Choose Jewelry Armoire for Your Home

Filed under Furniture at Jul 6th 2015

How to Choose Jewelry Armoire for Your Home

Jewelry armoire is the solution for those of you who have a lot of jewelry, but a loss to save it. Many women have a lot of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories, so they should have a safe place to store their jewelry. The many types of jewelry armoire are available, [...]

How to Choose the Dining Table for Your Dining Room

Filed under Dining Room at May 9th 2015

How to Choose the Dining Table for Your Dining Room

When you want to create a wonderful dining room, you do have to know how to choose the dining tables. The dining table is one of the most important furniture for the dining room, although you also still need a chair as a partner to the table. In addition to furniture, you should also pay [...]

Luxury Kitchens Design Ideas With Rounded Countertops From Pedini

The round shape is a unique kitchen design, created with super ergonomic technologie. This design is offering the rounded kitchen countetops, so do not need a lot of steps to reach the stove, shelves, or fridge. This kitchens is from Pedini, that have very modern, minimalist, stylish and luxury designs, suitable for luxurious interior decorating [...]

Backyard Lighting Ideas – Unique Hanging Solar Lamp Design

Lighting became one of the things that are important in the house design, either outside or on the home interior. Because in addition to lighting, with the wonderful lamp design that will add to the home decor look more attractive and charming. so that the lamps is now coming up with shapes, sizes, and designs [...]

Contemporary Private Home Design Modern Decorating

Contemporary private home designed by John Pardey Architects, this modern home decorating divides into three functions, guest/study room; living room; and bedroom. With wooden floors in the home interior, and with glass wall in the front of the house.

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